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Kamyar Abrarpour, CEO of the company by Kamy, has been working with the carpet business for more than 40 years. Of Iranian origin, he continued following the tradition of his family: passionate about the universe of textile art and manual work.

Consolidated as the leading carpet label in Brazil through solid work, dedicated to the research of new techniques, materials, ideas, colors and textures, by Kamy presents consistency from beginning to end, going through all stages of the process, from the creation, material and source research, confection, communication, sales strategy, services until reaching the final consumer.

The quality and originality of the pieces endorse the dedication of the entrepreneurs Kamyar Abrarpour and Francesca Alzati, Creative Director, at the forefront of all processes. Each product by Kamy possesses the soul of the company and its philosophy of life. "We can see changes in all parts of the world, especially in relation to the originality of the creations. The market challenges the new, the different. That's the soul of design, "explains Francesca.

The brand by Kamy produces the world outside! The search for skillful weavers and respect for manual labor and knowledge of millenarian techniques scattered throughout the continents is what enchants Francesca: "the world is our factory".

In 2017, the brand has celebrated 30 years of existence, always concerned with innovation, elaboration of new techniques and creations that will always make part of the success and maturation trajectory of a story that was born in the East and that continues to live in Brazil today, full effort and consistency. Currently by Kamy has established itself as a reference not only for the carpet market, but for a general strand that specializes in art, decoration and trends in Brazil.

Claudio Martins, a Brazilian based in Stockholm, Sweden, for more than 14 years, a friend and co-worker of the brand directors and with great experience focused on the management of the commercial area of ​​products with design, together with its good relationship with the Nordic designers, glimpsed the possibility of bringing the products by Kamy to Europe.

Aiming to continue the expansion process beyond the Brazilian national frontier, in 2018, Claudio becomes the brand ambassador in Sweden, then starting the Nordic by Kamy trade boom for the Nordic countries.